A POPULAR Alloa Italian restaurant have transformed their kitchen into a fresh bread and pasta supplier.

Bar Aldo's, located in Alloa town centre, have began making fresh pasta and bread in their restaurant as the outbreak of coronavirus causes supermarkets' stock to disappear almost instantly.

The idea was thought up by head chef Giovanni Pia, who has been in the kitchen from 8am every morning preparing the dough to make fresh, authentic pasta and bread.

He told the Advertiser: "We've been to the supermarkets and seen there's nothing there and our regular suppliers of pasta are struggling as well, they're only giving so much to each business so our backs are against the wall.

"Our machine will be spinning all day making pasta so if anyone wants it they can come here."

As supermarket shortages continue, Bar Aldo's will be making the food daily and will begin doing home deliveries if the country goes into lockdown.

Giovanni continued: "As it stands, all the supermarkets are really short so we can bring something to the table that you can't actually buy in the supermarkets and that's fresh pasta which we're making daily.

"We're giving the customers and the community something that they can't find.

"We're going a step further by using high quality ingredients, proper Italian, semolina flour, not just regular flour."

To order pasta or bread, call Bar Aldo's on 01259 729243 to place an order.