A COUNCIL housing officer discovered a cannabis cultivation during a property safety inspection, Alloa Sheriff Court has heard.

The details emerged as Alloa man Stanislaw Bogucki appeared in the dock – alongside an interpreter – for sentencing on Thursday, March 19.

The court heard from prosecutor Paul Jamieson that a Clackmannanshire Council employee attended at 34-year-old Bogucki's home at Earn Court on July 16 last year.

He said: "She carried out a routine check of the property and found what she believed to be a cannabis cultivation set up upstairs, and reported the matter to police."

Police arrived soon after, and discovered several items associated with cannabis cultivation – including a tent, lamp, scales and 14 sapling plants.

The total value of cannabis recovered was estimated at £2,800 - with each plant valued at £200.

During a subsequent police interview, Bogucki "openly admitted" producing cannabis.

He told officers: "I smoke, I no gangsta', I no deal."

In response to caution and charge, he said: "I sorry; I stupid."

Defence agent Mike Lowrie told the court: "He grows cannabis as a preference to purchasing it for his own personal use."

As the solicitor went on to discuss potential community-based disposals, Sheriff David Hall claimed there were some current difficulties with certain disposals due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The sheriff said: "Due to the current health situation, unpaid work isn't being completed and carried out in this particular area."

After some discussion with Mr Lowrie, the sheriff then said he had reached a decision as to how to deal with Bogucki.

Sheriff Hall said: "I can deal with you by way of a financial penalty.

"You don't have any previous convictions, so the fine will be one of £600."

Bugucki will pay the financial penalty at a rate of £25 per week.