A REPAIR centre in the Wee County is looking to put its recovery vehicles to good use by supporting key workers during the coronavirus outbreak.

Kennet's Foz Sports Accident Repair Centre has last week put out a generous offer to recover, for free, any NHS staff's or key worker's broken down cars around Clackmannanshire.

In a widely-circulated social media post, which was shared more than 400 times, the firm paid tribute to the frontline workers putting themselves at risk to help others.

Foz Sports said the whole crew are "extremely thankful" to all doctors, nurses, firemen and police officers at this time.

Workers can call 07983 212 002 at any time should their car break down in Clacks as they travel to and from work.

While the repair centre itself – which incorporates Foz Sports Alloys, Foz Sports Bodyshop and the Mansons Garage – is temporarily closed in line with government announcements, recovery crews are on standby to provide an essential service.

Chris MacFarlane, bodyshop manager, told the Advertiser: "Our recovery services still need to be on the road so we thought it would be a good idea.

"The garage will be closing, but the numbers are still there to contact us – phones will be diverted to mobiles.

"We are all in it together, we are just trying to do our bit for the community."