ALLOA ATHLETIC fans have wasted little time in coming to the club’s aid in its hour of need by launching a fundraising drive.

The kind-hearted Wasps are bidding to raise £5,000 to see the Clacks side through an uncertain time without any match day revenue.

Chairman Mike Mulraney has pledged Alloa will survive no matter what happens and the part-timers are in a better position than most to cope with Scottish football’s shutdown.

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But, this hasn’t stopped generous fans from digging deep to support their club.

The fundraiser has been launched by long-time supporter Brian Roach and has already raised more than £1,200. 

He told Advertiser Sport: “It had been on my thoughts for a couple of days and then on Sunday we engaged with Mike as we wanted his verification that it was okay to do it.

“Mike had quoted a percentage income stream of around 40 per cent which comes in from gate receipts which we are missing out on now and we just wanted to help plug that gap in any way we possibly could.

“The response has been really good so far and I hope it will gather even more steam. We are up to [around] £1,100 in just a day.

“We’ll collect the money and then give it to the club and they can distribute it as they need.

“I understand the players are on furlough and there are other aspects Mike has put into place and we don’t get the impression the club is under any threat financially.

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: Alloa chairman Mike Mulraney Alloa chairman Mike Mulraney

“However, if there is still going to be a gap, then it needs to be plugged somewhere.”

A number of clubs across Scotland have already been backed by fundraising drives from fans, including Albion Rovers and local rivals Stirling Albion.

Wee County side Sauchie Juniors are also considering generous offers of financial support and chairman Karl Rennie was effusive in his thanks when speaking to Advertiser Sport last week.

And as far as Alloa are concerned, Brian is sure supporters will be just as eager to come forward and support the club.

He added: “In the next couple of months, we’d have all paid to get into the ground and we are just asking supporters to pledge what they can. Whether that’s the admission price to a game or something like that.

“We want to see our club running and it’s the great unknown about what is going to come out at the end of this. I get the impression football is going to be off until August and that’s a long gap without the consistent revenue stream.

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“We can provide whatever support we can as fans to help out as best we can in bad times.

“We know the club is run really well but we can’t just sit back and expect Mike to prop up the club. It is everyone’s club.

“Some of the donations have been really quite substantial, but we are just asking everyone to spare what they can.”

To pledge your support, visit the Crowdfunder page.