ALVA’s Stevie McCrorie threw his support around all front-line workers with a fundraising gig from his home on Saturday.

The singer-songwriter, who is also a member of the emergency services, rolled up his sleeves to back those battling coronavirus on a day-to-day basis.

He sat down with his guitar and live-streamed a two-hour set on Facebook in aid of Masks for Scotland – a dedicated crowdfunder to provide personal protection equipment (PPE) to the front lines.

Healthcare workers are facing shortages of masks, gloves and gowns across the UK, with the peak of the outbreak predicted to hit in the next few weeks.

As a fireman, Stevie knows full well the importance of proper safety equipment, was happy to join the cause and in the end he managed to raise £1,300 in two hours.

He told the Advertiser: “Everybody knows there is a lack of PPE and there are lots of people doing fundraisers all over the UK to try and help. I saw Masks for Scotland and they are trying to raise £200,000 and I just wanted to do something.

“I know what it’s like to leave my family to go to work during all this.

“But it is ridiculous for emergency workers to worry about not even having the right equipment to protect themselves when they go to their work.

“It’s not just masks,” he added. “They provide gowns and other things needed to protect frontline workers.”

Stevie admits he was blown away by the response, with hundreds flowing in over the course of a two-hour performance.

The singer said: “I was so chuffed to see that it raised that much money for them.

“One person donated £100 and they thanked me for doing it and said it really cheered them up.

“It cheered me up as well; I could see there a few people were having fun with it.”

The idea of live-streaming a show was something he had been keen to do as a way of providing a little entertainment during lockdown.

With the restrictions likely to stay in place for a few weeks to come, Stevie may well look into making at-home performances more regular.

He added: “Part of it is giving people a little bit of fun and entertainment to take their minds of everything that’s going on.

“So it can mean a lot to some people – just me singing a few songs in a room.”

Joanna Vanderham, of Masks for Scotland, added: “We are absolutely thrilled with this donation from Stevie and his fans. 

“It was so generous of Stevie to give up his time and the money donated will go a long way to getting the much-needed PPE for our front-line heroes.”

Masks for Scotland are nearing the half-way point of their campaign with just under £100,000 raised already.

They estimate that a £15 contribution will provide a gown and a mask, whereas £100 can protect six medical workers a day.

A notice on its crowdfunder page read: “The government is increasing the supply of PPE and this campaign exists not in competition with the government but in support and will help to increase the amount of PPE reaching the front line here in Scotland.

“We really, really need your help to buy PPE equipment for our medical teams. Your donation will save lives. Not just those of the medical staff but of their families and the patients they treat. 

“Whatever you can give, nothing is too small and 100 per cent of money donated goes directly to getting the necessary PPE to our invaluable community frontline staff.

Anyone looking to donate to the Masks for Scotland campaign, can visit

To keep up to date, visit Stevie McCrorie’s Facebook page.