A COMPANY offering car washing and valeting services in Alloa has reopened – as it argues government advice does not say they should close.

Glaze & Gleam, based on Greenfield Street, opened up and continued operations on April 27.

According to a post on the company's Facebook page, it will be "adhering to the rules and minimising all contact where possible".

Upon news of the business reopening, the Advertiser received messages from several locals expressing their concern that the business was open again.

Under Scottish Government guidelines, there are 13 sectors – referred to as critical national infrastructure – which provide "essential services" and can continue operating.

Car washing and valeting services are not included within those essential sectors.

However, the work carried out by Glaze & Gleam is also not included within the Scottish Government's list of businesses and premises which "must close".

Therefore, guidelines state the company should have considered two key questions before taking the decision to reopen.

Those questions are: "Is what you do essential or material to the effort against the virus or to the wellbeing of society?"

And: "Are you able to demonstrate and give confidence to your workforce that you can consistently practice safe social distancing and comply with all other standard health and safety requirements?"

When the Advertiser contacted Glaze and Gleam to ask how it was complying with that guidance, a spokesperson provided a written statement, which said: "We are open and, of course, taking every safety measure we can to keep everyone as safe as we can.

"Unfortunately, the government advice doesn't actually state anything about car wash business.

"But have no actual contact with people and we are mainly looking to offer our services to key workers and taxis who are transporting people who may be conscious of the cleanliness of their car.

"We are just trying to help out and offer a service where we can."

When asked whether car washing and valeting services would be considered essential, a Scottish Government spokesperson simply said: "We have been absolutely clear that everyone should be staying at home, avoiding social contact and avoiding travel except for reasons of essential work, care and exercise – and that non-essential workplaces must close.

"Anyone who does not follow these rules is putting themselves, their community and the NHS at unnecessary risk and faces fines or prosecution."

According to the Scottish Government website: "Everyone is expected to comply with the guidance issued by the Scottish and UK Governments in relation to coronavirus, in order to protect both themselves and others.

"Public health benefits will be enhanced by wider closure of business premises, sites and attractions not required by law to close."