REFUGEES settled in the Wee County were last week keen to give back by surprising key workers with tasty treats.

More than a dozen Syrian families came together as a group to deliver food to local police as well as GP practices.

Dalil Othman, one of the people leading the initiative, told the Advertiser the 19 families were looking to show support to those serving the community during the coronavirus crisis.

He said: "We are just trying to help a little at this time because it is a hard time for everybody and we think the police and other [key workers] do a hard job and spend a lot of time on the job.

"This is just to give them a thank you from us."

Looking to give something quick and easy to eat, it is understood a small number of people from the larger group delivered some of their homemade pizzas on Monday, May 4.

Along with Dalil, included in the larger group of families and people who contributed are Omran and Arfan Masoud, Omar Masoud, Neehad and Khalat Othman, Zahra Othman as well as Mohammad Kanaan.

Also helping out were families the Ibrahims, Moursis, Mursis, Aloshs, Alechs, Aboghalyouns, Deirakis, Alwans, Alwens, Oudis, Al Balhkis, Karims, Jouneids and Abdulrahmans.

Zaid, who runs Raad's takeaway in Alloa, gave up his time as well, along with Syrian friend Mohamad Bashir from England.

Lynette Murray, senior housing support officer at Clackmannanshire Council, has been working with the families since they arrived to the Wee County and supported last week's effort.

She told the Advertiser she was "humbled" by the families' gesture during what is a very different holy month of Ramadan for them.

Lynette said: "For me, it's humbling, it's just so heart-warming for the families to have come together as a cohort."

The families locally have adjusted well to the current Covid-19 restrictions.

And having already been through so much prior to the outbreak of coronavirus, Lynette reckons the refugee families are rather resilient to the crisis.

She said: "They are coping really-really well [with the lockdown], I maybe expected more contact and support needs from them, but it just hasn't happened."