SIGNS warning of "known deviants" operating on the Devon Way path between Dollar and Tillicoultry have recently been put up along the route.

The signs claim that "known deviants have been acting suspiciously on these footpaths" and urge anyone feeling intimidated to dial 999 immediately.

It's not clear who is responsible for putting them up.

However, they have appeared just days after one Dollar resident shared a warning on a community Facebook page about his wife being "followed and intimidated" while on the path.

In the post, he said his wife had been out running with friends when they were "closely followed" by a man, to the point they had to run away and call for help.

The man following the woman was described as white, in his early thirties, slim with short hair.

The post also said: "Some people will probably have seen this man or know who he is already, but as he has now been intimidating and scaring a lot of women, it would be urgently advised to come forward and report any similar experiences to the police."