A BOOKING system is ready to be put in place when the Wee County's recycling centre eventually re-opens..

The revelation comes amid calls from Green MSP Mark Ruskell to get Forthbank re-opened as soon and as safely as possible.

The regional representative has called on the Scottish Government to issue guidance to local authorities, including Clackmannanshire Council, to get recycling services open again as the coronavirus lockdown endures.

And speaking to the Advertiser, Clacks Council leader Cllr Ellen Forson highlighted officers have already come up with a booking system to ensure safety once the local authority gets the go-ahead.

Mr Ruskell said: "There's been a huge increase in fly-tipping in recent weeks and reopening these centres should help to reduce this problem.

"Larger items such as furniture and electrical goods cannot be recycled through council bin collections, it's important householders are patient, but we do need certainty over when recycling centres will safely re-open."

In the Wee County the problem of fly-tipping has, for instance, been highlighted by Tillicoultry, Coalsnaughton and Devonside Community Council in recent weeks.

MSP Ruskell added: "There'll likely be a huge rush to these centres as lockdown is eased and it's vital that this is managed safely."

Cllr Forson told the Advertiser: "Our bin collections have continued as normal, there's not been any interruptions, it's maybe taking a wee bit longer to get around the routes, but we are one of the few councils in Scotland who managed to maintain our services.

"Obviously, the waste centre is closed but that's based on national guidance and until that moves forward, we are not in a position to re-open it.

"But when we do, we've got an electronic booking system ready to go. So, hopefully, when we get the go-ahead we'll be able to get that moving as quickly as possible.

"I understand a lot of people have more waste around, but I'm just asking them to bear with us for the time being and, hopefully, we can get moving as soon as the guidance is up."

Current plans will see people able to book a 15-minute slot online to avoid queues, congestion and a wave of locals rushing to Forthbank, the Advertiser understands.

A spokeswoman for Clackmannanshire Council added: "In line with other local authorities, Forthbank recycling centre remains closed as current Scottish Government guidance is that travel to a recycling centre is not classed as an essential journey.

"Once this advice changes, we will re-introduce the service in a controlled way, ensuring that the up to date guidance is followed to ensure everyone's safety.

"It is always disappointing when someone fly-tips, which is illegal and damaging to our environment.

"We encourage residents to report any incidents they come across, so that these can be dealt with."