TULLIBODY'S Wee Betty has turned 90 last week, marking the milestone birthday as the coronavirus lockdown drags on.

On Tuesday, May 5, the town's Mrs Betty McFarlane received cards and flowers to mark the special day.

Known to many as Wee Betty, she is a native of Harthill and Eastfield in North Lanarkshire but has lived locally for more than four decades.

She was previously a member of St Serf's Church and has been rather active in women's guilds.

There were plans for a big party for the 90-year-old, however, the preparations had to be abandoned due to Covid-19.

But on the day, Wee Betty was visited, from a safe distance, by Moncrieff Church minister Rev Jason Lingiah on the day and received a card and bouquet to help mark the occasion.

Having worked in retail at the Harthill Co-op, Wee Betty has always been chatty and was happy to see a familiar face on the day, according to the minister.

Rev Lingiah said: "She's always been a people-person, that's how she met her husband."

And added: "Initially, Wee Betty joined St Serf's Church and she was very active there, she is well-known in various places, she goes to the women's association at Sauchie and Fishcross UF Church and she was very active in the Eastern Star when she was younger.

"She said to me she is missing going on the bus to Stirling to see her friends because that was something she did at least twice a week [before lockdown]."

The minister went on to say: "She is one of the most faithful older members of the church, as a minister you are always encouraged by the faithful older folk who are always there."