EDUCATION staff in the Wee County received praise from council chiefs for their work during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a video uploaded this morning, Clackmannanshire Council's Education Services praised staff and looked to raise spirits while charting the journey of the service over the past eight weeks of lockdown.

As previously reported, pupils in the Wee County are learning in virtual classrooms.

And the young people in Clackmannanshire have adapted well during the coronavirus lockdown according to education chiefs.

Data shows they are engaging with teachers, albeit in a very different way.

Educators have been utilising the Google Classrooms online platform where they can distribute assignments and see everything in one place.

The number of the virtual classrooms has skyrocketed since the lockdown began.

There were just 39 created back in January but as many as 1,329 were set up by local teachers in March.

It is understood that figure is now more than 1,500.