A COMMUNITY drive to dress up a prominent Tillicoultry tree is spreading cheer and joy during the coronavirus lockdown.

Now known as the Pom Pom Tree, children and adults have been contributing over the past week to spruce up the sight on Murray Square.

Tillicoultry mum Charlaine Dunham planted the seed when she shared on social media the idea to dress the tree up in a bid to bring some cheer to people out on their daily walks.

It is also providing an activity for children and families, who have been busy making pom poms.

In addition, Laurie McBride, who has been shielding for three months, has since kindly creating some video tutorials too.

The drive to dress the tree has been spreading like wildfire since its inception on Friday, May 8.

Many families have since enjoyed taking part and passers-by are taking note when out on their daily exercise.

The town's Louise Muirhead and her children Eva, Darcy and Adam have also joined in and were proud to have contributed.

Louise told the Advertiser: "Everyone just jumped at the chance, really.

"Within 24 hours [of Charlaine posting the idea] it started filling up."

Initially, mums and children started to contribute, but Louise said it is becoming a cross-generational activity with older residents, especially those who enjoy knitting, also starting to take part.

Louise said: "It's just to brighten the place up a bit and the kids love doing it, it's really gotten them quite excited and they are really happy to see it.

"The more people that see it the more are getting involved – they are out on their daily walks, they pass it and they are curious, they are bringing their pom poms back to add to it as well.

"It's encouraged everyone to get a little more active and creative as well."

According to the local mum it is just a small initiative, but "it seems to have really brought the community together".

She added: "Originally, it was intended for the kids but it really has spread.

"Mums are enjoying it just as much."

Initially, there were many who could just vaguely remember how to make a pom pom and the re-learning process in itself has been a source of fun – at a time when people have endured the coronavirus lockdown for some eight weeks.

And the number of pom poms keep growing at Murray Square as the Advertiser went to print.