A WEE COUNTY charity has warned of criminals taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to scam organisations buying personal protective equipment (PPE).

Clacks Third Sector Interface (CTSi) posted on its Facebook page that organised crime group are actively trying to defraud people online and are also selling "substandard or fake" goods.

The post said: "The third sector can be particularly impacted by cybercrime, especially as organisations look to purchase PPE for their front-line volunteers and staff.

"The internet has been flooded with scam adverts and phishing emails offering surgical masks and hand sanitisers, resulting in people losing money on goods they will never receive.

"We would like to encourage all our third sector organisations to take extreme care and caution when buying PPE.

"Only do so from reputable sources. If you are struggling to find PPE from reputable and known sellers, please contact us and we will try our best to help."

CTSi can be contacted by calling 07977 142605 or 07534 405043, or alternatively by sending an email to admin@ctsi.org.uk

To see the organisation's original post in full, visit its Facebook page.