THE community in Alva has pulled together to help provide children's clothing for families in need during the coronavirus crisis.

Within 24 hours of putting out a call this month, Alva Development Trust received dozens of bags of pre-loved clothing for newborns and for school aged children.

The Covid-19 pandemic has put many families under financial strain and the trust is looking to make sure the clothes find their way to the places that need them the most.

Mary Laing, the group's chair, summed up the situation nicely as she said: “Children grow, even behind closed doors.”

Meanwhile, the volunteers are also continuing to run a foodbank from the Cochrane Hall and have provided and delivered 1,114 food parcels in April alone.

Mary has been blown away by the levels of community spirit displayed in the Hillfoots since the start of the lockdown more than two months ago.

She added: “The community just rallied round and within 24 hours we had about 60 or 70 bags of clothing.”

People also donated a few high chairs, various toys, a pram and even a toddler's bed, with the number of helpers also growing since the start of the lockdown.

Mary said: “We've had such a big increase of volunteers – about 35 new volunteers now – and they are so good.

“Some do driving, some help make up the packs, some are even doing some DIY for us while the place is closed.

“The skills that they have; it's amazing.”

Many of those who recently joined are keen to stay on and keep on volunteering after the lockdown is eventually eased.

While the foodbank is providing a valuable service, the large kitchen at the Cochrane Hall has also allowed the trust to cook up ready meals for elderly residents who may be too frail to cook themselves while in isolation.

Throughout the hall, social distancing measures are in place with restrictions on the maximum number of people allowed in various areas at the one time.

Townsfolk are being urged to give Alva Development Trust a call if in need. Volunteers insist there are no judgements, tests, referrals or a requirement to be in receipt of benefits.

Anyone looking for children's clothing or food can email or call 01259 760 657.