A MUSIC video created by pupils and staff from a Wee County school is spreading a message of hope during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alva Academy proudly produced an original track in The Greatest Gift with hundreds of pupils, families and staff contributing virtually to the final piece.

It was published online last week and has been viewed thousands of times since, after it was written and edited together by music teacher David Clifford.

The idea was to encourage pupils and families to keep playing instruments and carry on singing, while showing that "where there is music, there is hope".

Mr Clifford asked the school community to use the song and share how music was helping them through the challenging coronavirus pandemic.

He expected a few responses, but was blown away with more than 200 videos pouring in.

The proud teacher, who already organised online music projects since the lockdown, told the Advertiser: "As with Dawning of the Day and Captain Tom [the previous production], the lyrics were inspired by the world in which we have been living for the past few months.

"We wanted to inspire hope, remember those who sadly we will never see again, but also show our gratitude to those who have helped others through."

It was also an opportunity for the young people to communicate with loved ones they have not been able to see and to bring a smile.

Mr Clifford added: "To see your song being sung and played with such passion by so many and to know that music has made such a difference made even me a touch emotional.

"We had staff, pupils and friends sending us videos by the dozen.

"The loveliest thing was receiving videos of entire families playing together and enjoying time spent with laughter and smiles."

The teacher wanted to extend a "genuine thanks" to everyone who made the collaborative video possible.

A special mention goes to S3 pupil Emily Meeten for recording the main vocals.

Mr Clifford brought many voices together for the song, syncing them all up in his home studio to create a virtual choir for the chorus.

Even the council's head of education, Lorraine Sanda, took part by recording lines for the chorus.

The video has taken off since being uploaded last week across various social media and sharing platforms.

Mr Clifford added: "Over 10,000 views and 300 shares in a day was quite overwhelming but the messages have been just lovely."

And said: "When so many ex-pupils comment to say that they are so proud they went to Alva Academy and that music played a huge part in that is very humbling.

"It really does go to show that where there is music, there is hope."

Visit youtu.be/e92SMZj-4Ls for the video.