VOLUNTEERS with the Ochils Mountain Rescue Team have hit out at the "utter devastation" caused by litter louts.

Members were recently out on the hills testing new radio equipment when one of them came across piles of rubbish strewn around a reservoir.

A post on OMRT's Facebook page said: "Ochil Keith who was testing radios near Lossburn Reservoir found a scene of utter devastation.

"Huge amounts of rubbish left which he spent four hours cleaning up, and bagging.

"We are saddened and disappointed at the actions of a significant minority of people who are spoiling things for the majority.

"We are also quite angry, but want to focus on solving the problem – not being outraged."

In order to tackle the scourge of litter louts, OMRT has now appealed to hillwalkers to starts taking rubbish bags with them once hillwalking resumes over the coming weeks and months.

The team's social media post added: "We know that most of our Facebook followers respect our hill environment; however, it appears that there is a 'new' type of outdoor user who are not quite so well educated.

"We would ask our hill-going followers to take a polybag with them for the next few months and, if it is safe, to pick up any litter you may find.

"And for the 'new' users of our outdoor spaces – the way it works is that you take away your litter when you leave, then everyone is happy and you can keep using the outdoors. If not then access may become compromised and that is in nobody's interests."

According to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, everyone on the hills should respect the interests of others, care for the environment, and take responsibility for their own actions.