THE long-anticipated city deal investment for the Wee County could be re-prioritised due to Covid-19.

Councillors will tomorrow, Thursday, June 25, hear about the impact the coronavirus is having on plans to bring investment into the Clackmannanshire and Stirling region.

All partners involved in the deal "remain committed to the key programmes" according to documents that will be discussed at a virtual council meeting.

As previously highlighted, a flagship project in the Wee County could make Alloa an international centre in efforts to tackle climate change.

Part of the Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal, signed off in February, is the planned Scotland's International Environment Centre in Alloa.

The centre will be created in partnership with the University of Stirling with ambitions to become instrumental in driving policy forward toward a net zero carbon emissions economy.

The wider deal is a combined £214million package for the wider region with investment over the next decade from both UK and Scottish governments as well as from partners.

It is possible that some projects could be expedited to promote economic recover post-coronavirus.

Highlighting the impact on the deal, papers prepared for councillors said: "One of the more significant Covid-19 related impacts is on the availability of investment funding at both partner level and within the private sector.

"The key focus will be on mitigations that may be required in years one and two.

"The process will enable re-prioritisation against the current challenges and also to explore which activities could be brought forward in support of economic recovery."

Councillors will also hear about governance arrangements over the deal and it is likely that a regional approach will be adapted to drive activity forward.

The deal also has a focus on the so-called wellbeing economy, an idea that the wellbeing of citizens can support strong economic growth.

Council officials have been working on a Clackmannanshire Covid-19 case study, in partnership with the Scottish Government.

This is based on whole-system thinking and evidence-based policy decisions with "interest from the Scottish Government across a number of directorates in the project".