A WEE COUNTY support group has been working hard to continue helping those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alloa Round Table is well known for its big local events, such as the Alloa Half Marathon and Sparks in the Park.

John Dornan, regional rep for Central and Borders, told the Advertiser: "We put on events as something for the community, but the other side of it is these events raise money.

"The money we get through these events gets distributed within Clackmannanshire."

But the Covid-19 crisis has led to the round table's main events being postponed this year – and it's not yet known whether they can go ahead in future given the current uncertainty surrounding the easing of lockdown restrictions.

However, that has not stopped the group from supporting local good causes.

John said one way the group continued to help was by using funds in its reserves to purchase hand sanitiser – a vital commodity in reducing the spread of coronavirus.

This was then distributed where it was needed most: amongst local care homes early on in the pandemic.

John said every single donation was "very gratefully received".

And, more recently, round table member Andrew Mitchell managed to secure a grant worth £2,000.

This was then used to purchase five iPads, which were distributed to pupils at Coalsnaughton Primary School to assist them with home learning.

The aim of this, John said, was to ensure that pupils who perhaps do not have access to tools that assist with online learning don't fall behind on their education while working from home.

And, going forward, the group are looking to secure supplies of hand sanitiser for smaller local groups that may have been struggling to access any.

Anyone interested in benefitting from this initiative is asked to contact Alloa Round Table; for contact details, visit the group's Facebook page.