THE community in Kincardine has come together in spirit to mark an annual occasion in the face of the coronavirus lockdown.

Covid-19 could not stop Kincardine Gala in going ahead, even if organisers had to get creative with restrictions in place.

Normally, a week full of activities with quizzes, hockey and football as well as fancy dress competitions, a pet show along with a wheelbarrow race would get people into the spirit in the run up to the official gala day.

And while the ongoing pandemic meant the gala could not go ahead as usual, the committee still pulled out all the stops to provide some fun for families.

Linda Horan, of the gala committee, said: "It was not quite gala day as we know it, but it was as good as it could be under the circumstances.

"The weather [on Saturday] was so nice, had it been a proper gala day it would have been brilliant, the park would have been heaving."

The socially-distanced programme started with a colouring competition in the run-up with many brilliant pieces showcased on the gala Facebook page.

Many entries were placed in windows and some locals also decorated their houses for the occasion.

One of the highlights on gala day this year was a family treasure hunt devised by local man Ian Stag, which allowed people to get out and about while keeping a safe distance.

A stall was also safely set up in the town for people to grab a gala bag after finishing the hunt with apologies to anyone who could not get one as they ran out.

The crowning of the children in the royal party would usually take place on the day and Tulliallan Pipes and Drums were on hand to play a few songs for the young people instead.

It is understood there are hopes to crown Gala Queen Lucy Anderson before the end of the year, meanwhile the gala committee's vice chair Darren Empson has kindly created a video to showcase the royal party.

Organisers gave thanks to Little Howff Childcare for the prizes for the colouring competition.