RESIDENTS in Tillicoultry will have a refurbished pub to enjoy once lockdown measures are eased.

Works have been ongoing to give the Red Lion Inn a facelift over the past months and those behind the venture to bring it back into use are looking to welcome people as soon as given the go ahead.

The iconic pub is keeping its original name and renovation works are almost complete after new owner Jennifer Johnston and her partner Mark Traynor came in.

They started work on the pub just a few days before lockdown and the pandemic has brought a few setbacks as well as some challenges.

However, the duo are preparing to open up as soon as allowed.

Jennifer and Mark said: "We are extremely happy to get the pub back into the community and have listened to the locals on what they want in the pub and will continue to do so.

"It has been hard getting everything done during the lockdown as lots of thing have been put on hold or delayed.

"But we are happy to say we will be opening as soon as Nicola Sturgeon gives us the go ahead with a fresh new pub for everyone to enjoy."

Earlier in January, plans were approved at council to add an extraction flue at the prominent High Street property to allow it to be used as a restaurant.

However, the duo or looking to revitalise the pub and are hoping to also serve some food further down the line.