A CLACKS charity has issued a "huge thank you" to all those who helped after its food supplies for local families were stolen.

A man was caught on camera nabbing a large haul of dairy products from outside the Cochrane Hall in Alva in the early hours of June 19.

Alva Development Trust (ADT) later released a still image of the man, stating that he had taken supplies that were due to go to "families in need" later that day.

The group also said: "We are so disheartened.

"We are a charity that relies on community spirit to run so this truly hurts those that rely on our service.

"With the volume this man has taken, we will not be able to provide fresh milk and yoghurts to all our families in need today which is the worst thing about this."

But, despite the loss, many locals and groups immediately stepped up to offer ADT their support and assistance.

Some offered financial donations, and others offered to replace the stolen items.

And a Facebook post from the development trust, published on Friday, June 26, sought to praise everyone who helped.

"A huge thank you," the statement began. "Firstly, to Graham's The Family Dairy for so kindly replacing our stolen milk and yoghurt supply.

"Thanks to Bayne's the Family Bakers for a wonderful donation of coffee and sausages.

"And lastly the biggest thank you goes to the Alva community for all their financial and food donations."

The post continued: "Without this community, we would not be able to help those in need."

ADT is a volunteer-led charitable organisation, established back in 2018 in order to meet the needs of the town's residents and take over the operational running of the Cochrane Hall.

To find out more information about the group, visit facebook.com/alvadevelopmenttrust