A COMMUNITY organisation in the Wee County is looking to gauge the everyday needs and concerns of residents in the post-Covid-19 era.

Resonate Together, which has been supporting Clacks individuals and communities in creative ways for almost a decade, has launched a questionnaire to understand what support is required for people.

The organisation is looking to hear all views in a bid to understand current needs and drive activity forward.

Angela Watt, who founded Resonate, highlighted it might be years before everyday life could go back to what it was before lockdown restrictions and, indeed, some of the current measures may well be in place for a while.

Resonate itself had to close its venue on Alloa's North Castle Street and due to the nature of its work it could be some time before it can safely accommodate its clubs and activities again.

In the meantime, volunteers have been supporting concerned members of the community in practical and emotional ways, picking up groceries and medicine while keeping in touch.

Angela told the Advertiser: "We realised that people quite quickly started going through their own changes.

"And because the venue was shut, of course, we weren't having those conversations to be able to listen to everybody together – because that's what we are specialists in, listening to the pattern of what people are thinking collectively."

The survey came from that desire to listen to all and people are being encouraged to offer their opinions by the end of July.

As always, Resonate is looking to tackle problems and concerns in a whole-system approach.

Angela said: "The bigger picture has always been massively important because an individual doesn't just fit into a few 'slots'.

"Lives are complicated and interconnected and so when somebody is for example talking about a mental health issue, other things come into that: it might be a housing problem, a relationship problem, it could be a finance problem or a job issue.

"You've got this complexity around every single individual and so we've always looked at the bigger picture."

To that end, the survey is wide in scope and is about understanding the needs across the communities of the Wee County.

There has already been a good response with some trends emerging.

The number one concern for people so far is mental health and wellbeing.

Secondly, people are concerned about quality education for both young people and adults.

At Resonate, there has been a focus on preventative care over the years, helping one another so no one gets poorly.

Clubs and activities are also focused on developing people's skills and in turn boosting their confidence.

Angela added that increased confidence has a positive knock-on effect on people's wellbeing so the two concerns are very much connected when looking at the bigger picture.

Visit bit.ly/3ioP24K to complete the questionnaire, those who are happy to provide their name and address will also receive a small gift through the post.