THE community in Sauchie has rallied around after a local woman and her son lost everything to a house fire.

Chloe Morgan and her son Jesse have given thanks after being totally overwhelmed by the selflessness of strangers.

Their home on Sauchie's Rosebank was devastated by a fire two weeks ago when the duo went out to greet the little boy's father as he returned to the train station from work.

They tragically lost all their belongings and had it not been for quick-thinking neighbour Mr Hay and other brave souls running into the house to save the pets, the incident could have been much worse.

However, Chloe and Jesse, who turns three next month, are this week giving thanks after Clacks woman Donna Dickie stepped in to appeal for essential items as they look to rebuild from temporary accommodation in Alva.

In the space of just a few days following the fire, people have donated food, clothes, bedding and so much more.

Speaking of the day of the incident, Chloe told the Advertiser: "We nipped to the shops first really quickly and we had seen a fire engine and I knew instantly."

She added: "I just ran back home but I couldn't get up the street because it was all blocked off with police and firefighters."

It is understood neighbour Mr Hay, Zax from 1st Class Care who looks after an elderly neighbour and Susan Harrower ran into the house to close doors and try and contain the fire after calling 999.

Not only that, they rescued dog Casper, three cats and a ferret.

Casper featured in the Advertiser last November with his cheeky face and glorious white fur.

He has since been enjoying walks around Cochrane Park in Alva on a leash donated by one of the many generous donors who have helped out.

And according to a social media post from Chloe, Casper is giving a nod of appreciation for all the dog food, also kindly donated.

Chloe said: "Three sets of people went into my house when it was on fire to go and find my animals – I just can't believe it, it felt so surreal.

"Every one of them made it out safe.

"My dog, he is pure white and he came out the fire a wee bit black but he is back to his old white glory now."

Chloe was left speechless by the generosity of locals following the incident, many of whom are complete strangers.

She said: "I didn't expect it in a million years.

"You hear about it when people go through these tragedies, that the community really rallies around, but I never would have said it would happen to me.

"It's people who don't even know us as well; I had so many messages on Facebook, people asking: 'Are you okay?'."

Chloe had nothing but praise for Donna, who arranged all the support.

She said: "I don't even know where to begin with [praising] Donna, because of what she has done for me.

"I never spoke to her up until this point in my life and it was her that arranged all of this.

"She does so much work for the community and it goes so unnoticed.

"Anybody who is in need, I found that she just talks to them and helps them – she helps animals, she helps people."

In a Facebook post following the delivery of donations, Donna thanked everyone for their support.

She wrote: "Unbelievable response from folks donating to [the] family whose house went on fire.

"I received clothes, money, toys, food and many-many other items.

"Absolutely amazing, the family are totally blown away with the help.

"Sincere thanks to everyone, be very proud of yourself."