A "SUBSTANTIAL" amount of litter was cleared up by dedicated volunteers working along a path between Sauchie and Fishcross.

Members of Sauchie Community Group teamed up with Keeping Clackmannanshire Tidy to carry out the work earlier this month.

The tidy-up took place along a section of the Waggonway path, starting from The Bridge chip shop and ending in Fishcross.

The volunteers filled bag after bag with rubbish during their stint on the path – making a significant dent in clearing up the waste that blights the popular walking and cycle route.

And pictures from the day showed the scale of the challenge, with drinks bottles and cans in particular laying strewn all over the place.

One volunteer involved in the litter pick said: "It was a fantastic effort by all the volunteers and a substantial amount of litter was gathered and cleared.

"Please help keep your communities tidy; bin your rubbish and where it's not possible take it home."

Local councillor Jane McTaggart, writing on Facebook, praised those who took part in clearing the rubbish – and criticised those who made the event necessary.

She said: "Well done everyone. What a team.

"But those who created the mess should really be thoroughly ashamed of themselves."

Anyone looking to take part in any future litter picking events in the area should keep an eye on the Sauchie Community Group Facebook page.