AN ALLOA man's Christmas tale set in the city of Glasgow is set to be published later this month.

Robert Ferguson's book – I've Got Jesus in the Back of My Taxi! – will be printed by Austin Macauley Publishers on July 31.

Renown Scottish actor David Hayman has already starred in a short advert for the tale which, according to Robert, is a collection of his story ideas.

He told the Advertiser: "I had a few book ideas simmering away, but finally decided to write a Christmas tale set in Glasgow.

"From there, my other concepts were called upon to fatten the outline, [and] build up a strong theme with compelling characters.

"And thankfully the ideas married. Well, I hope so."

The book covers many current issues, such as homelessness, suicide, family relationships and friendships.

According to the blurb: "It was the festive season when Glasgow taxi driver Donald Forbes waited for one last fare, but unknown to him, the mysterious passenger that entered his cab would create a life-changing epiphany.

"A fantastical journey beckoned when his final client activated a labyrinthine voyage.

"In this spiritual ride, he saw himself as a young boy, met his dead father, had his life saved by a ghost, and travelled back through his extraordinary life timeline; intending to help others with similar objectives."

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: Alloa man Robert Ferguson will have his work published this monthAlloa man Robert Ferguson will have his work published this month

Robert, who writes full-time, talked about his motivation for writing the story, and said: "I've written short stories, scripts and screenplays in the past and will be co-writing with another writer shortly, but felt that a writing a book was the way ahead."

While he is currently working on a spy thriller set in Berlin, he is keen to see I've Got Jesus in the Back of My taxi! hit the shelves soon.

He said: "It's a major step and one that I look forward to.

"To see someone reading my book at a poolside or beach would be something special, that's for sure."

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