A WALLABY recently spotted by a Cambus man on the roads of rural Stirling was reunited with its owner last week.

Road policing officers have been playing Where's Wally? ever since Clacks man Finn O'Hagan spotted the animal, native to Australia, around the Carron Valley.

Finn previously told the Advertiser he could not believe his eyes when he spotted the creature a few weeks ago.

He had captured the encounter in a hilarious video at the time, putting on his best Australian accent in a bid to make the animal feel at home.

Disinterested, the wallaby moved on, disappearing into the dark of the night, however.

Following the encounter, Finn learnt it was likely the animal escaped from a nearby farm where he was being kept as a pet.

At the time he mused: "The guy who owns the farm, he's got a few male wallabies and one of them keeps escaping, it likes to go for a little run.

"He's not found it yet, it was spotted again last night so it's still running about wild in the Carron Valley, eating grass.

"They eat grass so they can survive pretty well in the wild in Scotland."

Indeed, it would appear the wallaby has been taking in stunning scenes in the Scottish countryside ever since – until last Friday, July 17, when roads officers from Police Scotland spotted him early in the morning.

On social media, police in Stirling confirmed the find and said the animal has been safely returned to its owner.