A YOUNG deer was left in agony after it was hit by a car coming out of Menstrie last week.

The driver left the animal in Hillfoots Road after carrying on towards Stirling on the evening of Thursday (July 23).

The Scottish SPCA has praised two members of the public who moved the animal off of the road until one of their inspectors arrived.

But they also called for anyone who hits a wild animal while driving to check on it and call them – rather than simply abandoning it.

Collette McEwan-Winstanley, from Clacks, was driving behind the motorist who hit the animal.

She said: "Just after 5pm I was driving from Menstrie towards Stirling and just before the turn in for Coffee Bothy someone in front of me hit a young deer and drove off.

"The poor wee thing was still alive and very much in shock so I couldn't just drive off and leave it suffering.

"I called the police and Scottish SPCA and they were sending someone out to rescue it.

"A man in a tractor kindly stopped and helped a man, who possibly lived nearby or was out walking, lift the deer to the opposite side of the road behind a wall to offer it protection.

"I was the only protection it had but unfortunately I was causing a major traffic jam as I was sitting with my hazard lights on right next to the deer so nobody else hit it."

She added: "It was really horrible seeing it lying there in shock and terrified and injured.

"The person who hit it didn't bother to help it."

Unfortunately, by the time the SSPCA arrived at the scene, the animal had scuppered off before it could be treated.

Inspector Mairi Wright said: “We were called to reports of a deer that had been hit by a car at Blairlogie. 

"Sadly, the driver of the vehicle did not stop to check if the animal was injured and drove off.

"Although I was only ten minutes away from the incident, by the time I reached the scene the deer had gone.

"We spent half an hour searching the woodland but were unable to locate the animal. Deer are still capable of travelling some distance even when injured.

"We would urge motorists to be careful on country roads and look out for animals that may wander in to their path."

Police confirmed they also attended the incident, and that the deer was gone by the time they arrived.

The SSPCA has asked anyone who comes across an injured or distressed wild animal to call its animal helpline on 03000 999 999.