GRAFFITI has become a big problem at Dollar Glen and anyone visiting the popular site has been asked to report any new sightings of it.

Callum McNeill-Ritchie, the furloughed ranger who usually maintains the glen, appealed for assistance in keeping on top of the graffiti on Facebook.

He said: "Big apologies that I'm not there at the moment, but it's out of my control.

"Apart from the bracken overgrowth that would be expected to be trimmed by us by now, it's been brought to my attention that there are a number of graffiti postings on the fences and bridges around the glen.

"If anyone sees anything could they contact the National Trust for Scotland head-office, please and/or the police, if needed.

"Sorry again, but, hopefully, things can resume soon. We're missing the glen."

Dollar Glen is owned and maintained by the National Trust for Scotland (NTS).

NTS said on its website the glen is an important site for wildlife and plants, adding: "There's a wealth of rare wildlife habitats here, including being a nationally important location for lichens and ferns."