THE ongoing decommissioning of Longannet Power Station continued last week with another controlled explosion on site.

Contractors Brown and Mason orchestrated another partial demolition at the plant on Thursday – the latest stage in a series of meticulously planned "blow downs".

This time it was Bunker Bay units 1 and 2 and the coal conveyor with the structures toppling after the detonation of the charges.

There has been a number of operations on-site, with a steel "precipitator structure" being demolished in April 2018, with coal stock towers following in November that year,

In December, three smaller structures near to the chimney were taken down, with a boiler annex blown down in April 2019.

October last year saw a major explosion take down two boilers, the DA bay and the turbine hall roof in what was a quite spectacular sight.

Longannet's iconic tower has been a feature of the region's skyline for years.

It closed in March, 2016, with the loss of hundreds of jobs, as owners Scottish Power changed their focus to renewable energy.

The process to dismantle the 74-acre plant is expected to continue well into next year, with a controlled demolition of the famous Longannet chimney on the cards.