HAPPINESS is a circular walking route, and there is no better one than the trail that starts from Alloa Park.

From there, it heads up the River Black Devon towards Clackmannan before veering back towards the Black Devon Wetlands.

I often call the Black Devon 'Clackmannanshire's forgotten river' and on the first part of the walk it was most enjoyable to amble by the bank in the hope of spotting a kingfisher.

Soon, I took a turning to the right that followed the edge of large barley field where wildflowers abounded by the path edge.

Red dead-nettle and fumitory were two of my plant finds, while numerous small tortoiseshell butterflies flitted around in search of their nectar.

Carder bumblebees were also busy at work, little bundles of furry fluff buzzing this way and that as they sought out nature's sweet bounty.

Passing by the imposing Clackmannan Tower, I heard the familiar call of a yellowhammer in full song; its utterance typically described as sounding like 'a little bit of bread, and no cheese'.

There are few more striking birds than a male yellowhammer and his wonderful yellow plumage gleamed and sparkled in the evening sunshine.

Shortly afterwards, I turned right one more, this time to follow the farm track towards the Black Devon Wetlands where I veered off to return to my starting point at Alloa Park.

Alloa is truly blessed to have such a range of walking options on its doorstep, and with the abundant wildlife that brims around every corner, there is always plenty to see and enjoy.