CATS with disabilities are being championed by a national charity after a Wee County rescued two over the lockdown period.

Imperfect felines will be in the spotlight at Cats Protection's #AlternativeCatAwards, a virtual celebration of how cats have played such a vital role to people during lockdown.

Kathe and Keller were two siblings in the care of Cats Protection's Forth Valley Adoption Centre, in Ochilvale Terrace, Fishcross, who needed someone to see past their disabilities and fall in love.

They both have mild cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition in which the brain does not develop properly, affecting balance and co-ordination and making them wobble when they walk. Keller is also deaf, but this does not hold him back, and he loves to play with his sister.

But none of these defects put off the Wee County's Elaine Baxter, who was looking to fill the gap left by the death of her beloved 16-year-old cat Vinnie. Elaine was already used to dealing with cats with special needs, as Vinnie had diabetes for eight years.

Elaine, who is from Alloa, said: "I was looking for an indoor companion when I looked at the Cats Protection website and saw Kathe.

"The fact that her brother came too was not a problem, and their additional needs just made them more in need of a loving home."

"They are totally at home now. Their quirks just make them more lovable. I hope they feel the same about me."

Forth Valley centre manager, Roslyn McKay, added: "We are delighted Kathe and Keller have settled in so well to their new home. They are real characters and firm favourites with the staff.

"Disabled cats really shouldn't put off experienced owners. They may require a little extra care or consideration but they have plenty of love to give.

"Cats are surprisingly adaptable and often more than capable of coping with physical impairments, allowing them to enjoy long and happy lives.

"Cats Protection would always fully brief prospective owners of disabled cats, ensuring they felt confident to care for their special needs pet."

Disabled cats have been given their own category for this year's virtual Alternative Cat Awards.

Owners are invited to share videos of their #PurrfectlyImperfect cats, enjoying happy, healthy lives with a disability, health issue or superficial aesthetic deformity.

Videos need to be shared on Twitter and Instagram using #AlternativeCatAwards before August 21.

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