AN ALLOA man who smashed a shop window before threatening to spit on police officers has been jailed for more than two years.

Scott Stewart also hurled a China ornament through a woman's bedroom window, shattering the glass, after she ignored his attempts to buy a quantity of second hand goods.

Stewart, 37, was hawking bric-a-brac, including the ceramic ornament and an old home wi-fi router, outside the Premier Express store in Shillinghill, Falkirk Sheriff Court was told last week.

Prosecutor Alex Kirk said Stewart appeared "out of his face" and was sitting on a bench opposite the shop with his wares.

The woman ignored his attempts to attract her attention, attended the shop, and went home.

Half an hour later, at about 7pm, a shop assistant at the store went out for a cigarette and was approached by the "clearly intoxicated" Stewart.

Mrs Kirk said he attempted to sell the employee "miscellaneous items" and then attempted to get into the shop, from which he was barred.

When he was refused entry, he abused the man, calling him a "w****r, p***k and f*****g idiot", before making repeated attempts to get into the shop by barging and kicking the door while staff inside tried to hold the door closed.

He also threw the router at the door, before returning, still shouting and swearing with a large rock, which he threw at the shop window which smashed.

At short while later, he turned up outside the nearby home of the woman he had first tried to speak to.

He shouted: "Open the f*****g gate or I'll break your window," before throwing a stone and then the ceramic ornament at the glass, smashing two panes, worth £300.

Police arrived ten minutes later and found Kerr "staggering about" on nearby Devon Road.

He was arrested after "flailing about violently in an attempt to escape" and shouted at officers: "I'm going to spit on you".

Mrs Kirk said: "This caused fear and alarm as it had not been possible to carry out any Covid-related assessment of the accused to establish if he was symptomatic."

He was placed in a cage in the rear of a police van and taken to Falkirk Police Station.

On the way he kept up a "tirade" of abuse, and once at the police station he began to direct homophobic and sexual abuse at the officers, saying: "suck my d***" and telling PC McNeil, "nae bother, homo".

The cost of damage at the Premier store was put at £1,500.

Appearing by video link from Low Moss Prison, Stewart, of Mar Place, pleaded guilty to vandalism, threatening and abusive behaviour, and resisting arrest on May 2.

Solicitor Virgil Crawford, defending, said: "He was under the influence of drugs."

Imposing a 26-month jail term, Sheriff Simon Collins QC said it had been a "very nasty" series of incidents.

He said: "This must have been frightening for the all individuals concerned – obviously dreadful conduct which placed people at risk of injury from flying glass, and persistent foul-mouthed and sexually aggressive conduct towards police officers."