A TULLIBODY man who repeatedly exposed himself to lone women in Clackmannanshire and Stirling has been spared prison time.

John Barrett was told his offences had terrified the victims when he appeared for sentencing at Falkirk Sheriff Court on Thursday, September 3.

The 21-year-old previously pleaded guilty to five sexual offences, but details were not narrated to the court until this week.

Prosecutor Ann Orr said the first offence took place in Stirling on May 12 last year, when Barrett targeted a woman walking home from work at around 7.50am.

She said the lady was on Cowane Street when Barrett asked if she had the time.

The Crown agent said: "She informed him she didn't, and she observed he'd taken his shorts down and was holding his exposed penis."

The woman managed to walk away from him, but he went on to target another woman on Upper Bridge Street about 10 minutes later.

The second lady was on her way to work and pushing a bike when Barrett asked if she had the time.

After telling him it was 8am, she went to walk away, but Barrett said: "Excuse me, I can see up your skirt when you're on your bike."

When she turned around to look at him, she could see his exposed penis and testicles.

Ms Orr said: "He had one hand on his testicles and one hand rubbing his penis – which was partially erect.

"She believed the accused was masturbating. She walked away."

Both incidents were reported to police, but Barrett was not traced at that point.

He went on to commit another offence before being arrested, again targeting a woman in Stirling.

At about 9.20pm on July 20 last year, he approached a woman as she walked along Murray Place, Port Street and elsewhere.

Ms Orr said: "She saw the accused staring at her, and he had his hand down the front of his trousers.

"She walked away, and Barret then said: 'Where are you going? Where do you live.'"

He ended up walking ahead of her, and as she walked past him, he said: "You've got a great a**e. You've got nice t**s."

He still had his hand down his trousers at this point, and pulled out the waistband of his trousers.

Ms Orr said: "He didn't remove his penis, but she could see he had an erection."

She managed to get away from him and contact police, who finally identified Barrett as the culprit and arrested him.

He subsequently appeared on petition at Stirling Sheriff Court and was granted bail.

However, he went on to commit two more offences.

The first took place in Cambus, Clackmannanshire, on March 22 this year, when he approached a woman walking home at about 7.45pm.

He repeatedly made comments about her breasts and buttocks, before exposing his penis to her.

She managed to get away from him and contact police, who conducted a search of the area but to no avail.

Then, at around 10.15am on March 26, Barrett struck for a fifth time, targeting a woman running along the Menstrie to Cambus cycle path.

Ms Orr said: "The witness saw the accused's shorts pulled down at the front, he was holding his penis."

She ran past him and he made a comment which she did not hear.

She contacted police and Barrett was identified and arrested, later appearing on petition at Falkirk Sheriff Court where he was remanded in custody.

He was granted bail before tendering pleas of guilty to charges of sexual exposure and indecent sexual communication in July.

Solicitor Stan Quirk told the court on Thursday that Barrett had come close to harming himself after admitting the offences.

He then asked for a non-custodial disposal, to allow his client to address his underlying issues.

Sheriff Derek Hamilton warned Barrett as to how devastating his actions had been.

He said: "It's concerning there were a number of these incidents, and I'm now in possession of victim impact statements.

"What's clear is your behaviour has, and will have, lasting effects on these ladies.

"They had no idea what your intention was – they might well be fearful your intention was even more sinister.

"One of these ladies is now having trouble sleeping at night, so is sleeping during the day.

"There are two ways this can go: I can simply lock you up, or the other way is, if it's recognised you need some help, I can put in place measures that might give you that help."

The Sheriff then opted for the latter option, and placed Barrett, of The Maltings, on a community payback order.

The order requires him to undergo supervision for three years, complete 200 hours of unpaid work, and participate in the Moving Forward, Making Changes programme.

Victim-survivors of sexual offences can access information and support by visiting tinyurl.com/tquj9vu