A WEE girl has been reunited with her beloved budgie after it flew away from its home in Alloa and ended up on a farm in Dollar.

Peyton Whalen, 8, was devastated when her bright-yellow budgie Daisy, only a few months old, unexpectedly flew from her house in Tay Court on Sunday, August 30.

Mum Kelly, 43, told the Advertiser: "She just flew out the back door.

"I don't usually leave door open, and she wouldn't fly out – she'd never even flown out the living room before.

"The first thing we did was run around the woods near our home, shouting on her."

But after a while it soon dawned on Kelly and Peyton that Daisy was gone, leaving the youngster completely crushed.

Kelly said: "She was devastated, absolutely devastated. She was up crying the full night, and she didn't go to school on Monday because she'd been up crying.

"It was probably the worst two days of my wee girl's life; everybody knows how much Peyton loves this budgie."

In a last-ditch effort to find her, Kelly wrote a post on Facebook asking people for help finding Daisy – but she knew the chances were slim to none.

Thankfully, the post received more than 100 shares and was being noticed by people across the Wee County.

Then, a few days later, Kelly received the message she and Peyton had been hoping for while she was at work.

She said: "It was Tuesday afternoon I got a message from a girl who sent me pictures, and I knew it was Daisy.

"It was like a miracle; I couldn't believe it.

"I left my work and headed right to Dollar – Daisy was at a farm way up in Dollar."

After bringing her home, she then went to pick Peyton up from school, but kept the news about Daisy as a surprise.

She said: "When she came in Peyton looked at the cage and she was absolutely over the moon. She couldn't believe it.

"There were tears of joy. Lots of tears of joy."

Since Tuesday, Peyton and Daisy have been inseparable with Kirsty claiming Daisy was "just as glad to be home as we are to have her home".

She added: "A massive thank you to everybody that shared the post on Facebook, and a special thanks to the girl who found Daisy because she actually caught her for me too.

"I can't thank her enough."