ROTARIANS in the Wee County have supported a district-wide appeal to help people in explosion-hit Beirut.

Last month's disaster, which killed hundreds and injured thousands more in the Lebanese capital, has galvanised Rotary clubs across district 1010, including members in Clackmannanshire.

Thousands of dollars were sent to the area, including a contribution of £500 from Alloa Rotary Club.

Geoff Storer, president of Alloa Rotary Club, said: "The club tries to support both local initiatives and, where appropriate, relief for national and international disasters.

"The power of Rotary clubs are the national organisations which can come together to provide assistance to something like the Beirut appeal.

"In this particular case, there is a Rotary club in Beirut which is able to co-ordinate the aid that the Rotary clubs in the United Kingdom are pulling together, so we know that the money that we have sent them is going to be targeted in the areas of greatest need."

After a large amount of ammonium nitrate exploded at a warehouse in the city's port on August 4, the 1010 district governor established contact with Beirut Cedars Rotary Club within days.

It was decided that all clubs in the area would raise funds to go direct to Ron Farra, president elect at Beirut Cedars Rotary.

Soon after the appeal started, the district treasurer was able to send $5,000 to the capital of Lebanon, where there has been an estimated $10-15billion in property damage, leaving around 300,000 homeless.

By August 25, another $6,000 was on its way and by the time the appeal closed at the end of August, more than $14,000 was donated altogether – including the contribution from the Wee County.

District 1010 covers a large area across Scotland from Shetland to the Firth of Forth and from Stornoway to Aberdeen with more than 2,400 members.