THERE has been a spate of break-ins targeting garages and sheds in Clackmannan, according to the town's development trust.

Clackmannan Development Trust issued safety advice last week, highlighting a number of recent incidents.

In a social media post, the trust said: "We have been made aware of a number of garage/shed break-ins of late in the town.

"We are in contact with our community police officers and Clackmannanshire Council about this matter."

Townsfolk are being advised to lock doors and windows when leaving the house, even if simply out in the garden.

People are being asked to close doors to communal block behind them and avoid holding doors open for people waiting to come into the building when on the way out.

Keys should be kept out of sight and away from the letterbox to protect against devices that could be used to hook them.

The trust is also asking residents to look out for vulnerable neighbours as well.

People can find Clackmannan Development Trust on Facebook for further safety advice.