A SAUCHIE resident has become "unrecognisable" to friends after losing a staggering six stone during the lockdown months.

Adrian Bussey also completely reversed his type two diabetes and high blood pressure after making some changes to his lifestyle.

The 48-year-old told the Advertiser he'd always been known as a larger man, with his weight during adulthood fluctuating between 20 and 25 stone.

Around eight years ago, doctors told him he had type two diabetes and high blood pressure, warning that he had to take steps to improve his health.

And though he lost some weight after that, he admitted he'd "buried his head in the sand" and never took the steps needed to properly improve his health.

But last Christmas he started to have a change of heart, and ahead of the coronavirus pandemic he decided to take action.

He said: "Just before lockdown happened, I joined Slimming World.

"After five weeks I'd lost a stone, and I realised [their programme] was working.

"When lockdown came, I thought this is perhaps an ideal time to carry it on, because there's no temptation of pubs or restaurants."

Through the Slimming World programme, he managed to tweak his diet and find ways to eat well yet "never be hungry" during lockdown.

He also started getting in a "little bit of exercise", such as walks every day – which bolstered his efforts to shift the pounds.

And six months on, the results now speak for themselves.

Adrian said: "Now, with the odd start of socialising, I'm meeting friends who are all stunned by it – some have even walked past me in the street."

He added that doctors were baffled at his progress, as he has now completely reversed his type two diabetes and high blood pressure

He said: "I feel brilliant; the confidence I have is great.

"I'm comfortable in whatever I'm wearing now.

"It was almost as if I went into hibernation a fat guy and came out a new, normal-sized fitter man, in those six months."

Going forward, Adrian said he looks forward to continuing with his healthy lifestyle and living life like a new man.