RESIDENTS in the Wee County are being urged to stick to restrictions to keep coronavirus under control.

In a heart-felt appeal, council leader Councillor Ellen Forson paid tribute to those who have been supporting their neighbours and strangers over the past months.

She is also urging people in Clacks to stick to restrictions to avoid Covid-19 spiralling out of control.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Cllr Forson said: "Local people have reacted really well over the last six months."

In particular, she highlighted how businesses, community groups and people in general have come together to support one another in difficult circumstances.

"The communities have really come out", she added.

"As things start to move on I just think everybody really needs to be aware that we are not back to normal, it's not business as usual.

"The virus is still out there and cases are rising again."

Stressing the importance of restrictions, the council leader said: "It's only by continuing that hard work that we are going to be standing the best chance of protecting ourselves and coming out of this at the other end."

As revealed at last Thursday's, September 10, council meeting, officers are juggling responsibilities to focus on the response while taking forward critical work, such as the preparation for the budget.

Indeed, the chamber heard how some keep working late into the evening.

Cllr Forson said: "Our officers have been working exceptionally hard, we've got some really good people in there who have been putting in 24-hour shifts in some cases.

"We've had a few challenges recently; with the bad weather, flooding and other things happening.

"Whilst everything has to be in place for the pandemic, all these other things are coming up as well – and we are a small council.

"It has been really challenging, utmost respect to officers for everything that they have been putting in."

The future remains uncertain, however. The council leader added: "I genuinely can't see things returning to normal anytime soon.

"The virus is still prevailing, cases are rising again and unless we keep to restrictions, it can run out of control again very-very quickly and that's the last thing we want.

"We are heading into the flu season, the NHS are going to be working really hard over the next couple of months to deliver the flu vaccine – more people than ever are going to be entitled to get that.

"There's social distancing requirements in place, so it's going to be quite an operation."