A WEE COUNTY mum has recalled the dramatic moment she gave birth in an ambulance – just three days after finding out she was pregnant.

On Tuesday, July 7, Stacey Stevenson visited the doctor because she had high blood pressure and swollen feet. She was then given the bombshell news that she was in fact pregnant, and had been for months.

Fast forward to Saturday, July 10, and Stacey, 30, began telling friends after overcoming the initial shock.

Little did she know, however, that at around 11.30pm that night, she would be phoning and ambulance when her waters broke.

Stacey, who said she thought she was going to be sick when she found out she was with child, told the Advertiser that the day started out as a normal Saturday.

She said: "The day he was born was totally normal, I had been at park with my eldest son Robbie he had spent the day playing and then we had a takeaway when we got home.

"It was actually the day I told some of my friends after finding out on the Tuesday. Then that night my waters broke about 11.30pm.

"I had text my mum to come and watch Robbie and my dad to take me to the hospital, but things had picked up by the time they arrived so I had to phone 999 and paramedics arrived about 25 minutes later.

"We headed for the hospital but didn't quite make it."

Stacey, who is studying administration at college, ended up giving birth to little Callum on the M876 just after the Clackmannanshire Bridge – all the while seven-year-old Robbie slept through the most dramatic of evenings, only finding out he was a big brother in the morning when his gran told him.

The mum-of-two heaped praise on the paramedics who attended to her, but she was sure she wouldn't be making it to the hospital.

She said: "Emma and Lorraine were absolutely fantastic. I was on my own in the ambulance while my mum stayed with Robbie and my dad followed us to the hospital.

"I think it was me that told them he was going to be born in the ambulance – it all happened really quickly."

Now that the family are back home, Stacey has been able to get settled thanks to her family who hurriedly bought everything she needed to ensure her, Robbie and baby Callum would be happy.

"We're good, he's a really settled baby," she said. "We have found our routine with school runs and college work and fitting in around Robbie's life. Robbie loves being a big brother.

"He wants to help with everything and couldn't wait to tell all his friends about the lockdown baby.

"It was a huge rush to get everything. I didn't have so much as a packet of nappies bought.

"My mum stayed home to watch Robbie, my dad and stepmum went to buy a pram, cot, car seat etc and my sister went to buy clothes for us both to come home in because I didn't have time to even pack a bag the night before.

"Most of all I'm just glad that, after everything, he's here safe and healthy."