A DANGEROUS drunk driver left his friend's girlfriend so seriously injured she needed surgery after a crash in Tillicoultry last year.

Michael Cairns, 29, pleaded guilty to that offence and one other at Falkirk Sheriff Court on Tuesday, September 15.

Fiscal depute Alex Kirk told the court that on February 9, 2019, Cairns stopped by Alloa Train Station at around 2am to pick up his friend's girlfriend and take her to Tilly.

Upon getting in the car, the woman noticed Cairns was "slow to respond to questions" and she believed he was under the influence of alcohol.

Ms Kirk said: "During the journey, the accused was driving at excessive speeds through Sauchie.

"The witness was alarmed and asked him to slow down, as he was within residential areas," but he ignored her.

Cairns then travelled along the A908 and made his way through Tillicoultry.

Ms Kirk said: "While the accused was on Moss Road, approaching a mini roundabout, the witness became terrified the vehicle would crash, as the accused was driving so fast.

"The vehicle travelled over the top of the mini roundabout, struck a metal barrier, continued over the top of the barrier and struck a stone wall.

"The witness could immediately feel pain in her neck and chest, and was struck by the deployed airbag."

Cairns ran off, leaving the woman injured at the scene.

Police arrived but could not chase after him, as there was a "substantial amount of fuel leaking" from the wrecked vehicle.

Fire services were called and had to douse the area with water, while the female passenger was taken to hospital.

She was later found to have a fractured left collar bone, and ultimately had to have surgery under general anaesthetic as a result of the injury.

In the days after the crash, Cairns attempted to pervert the course of justice between February 9 and 20 by falsely reporting his car had been stolen.

He also called the passenger he injured and asked her to tell police she didn't know who was driving the vehicle at the time.

In court last week, Cairns admitted the driving charge and making false statements.

An allegation that he drove in the dark without headlights on was deleted from the dangerous driving charge – which was accepted by prosecutors.

Solicitor Robert Smith asked for a background report to be prepared ahead of sentencing.

Sheriff Pino Di Emidio agreed reports would be needed, and deferred sentencing Cairns, of Johnston Crescent in Tillicoultry, until October 20.

His bail was continued in the meantime.