A CHARITY is warning Wee County pensioners to be on their guard against coronavirus-based scams.

It comes as some older people have reported handing over their financial information to people who claim they can give them tests, when in fact it is completely free to get one on the NHS.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned this week in one of her daily briefings that cold callers have attempted to cash in on the crisis by telling people they need to pay for a Covid-19 test.

She said they have been posing as contact tracers and trying to persuade people to divulge their bank details or other personal information on the phone.

Age Scotland has now warned that older people can be disproportionately at risk of scams and are especially likely to be targeted by Covid fraudsters. The charity is warning everyone to be aware and learn how to protect themselves and older relatives.

The charity has already worked with the Scottish Government to help ensure the contact tracing scheme is safe and secure and reduce the risk of scams.