CONSULTATION is to take place with parents over the permanent closure of a nursery in Alloa.

ABC Nursery, which has been blighted by roof problems, did not re-open in August, despite an earlier indication by Clackmannanshire Council that children could return for a short period of time.

Councillors will tomorrow, Thursday September 23, hear an update on the future of the Grant Street building.

Meanwhile, all children and staff previously attending have been allocated to alternative nurseries, something parents were concerned about when the roof issue first came to light at the start of 2020.

Documents to be tabled for a special council meeting highlighted there was an "intention" to re-open the building.

The council papers added: "However, as members will be aware, officers required to make an operational decision to not open the building for use in August on the basis of health and safety and service continuity considerations."

Council documents previously revealed how there had been nine separate call outs to the school over reports of water pouring in through the roof in 2019.

Two surveys were commissioned for the roof, concluding that "the roofing fabric required immediate attention to stabilise the structure".

Immediate works were agreed and completed in November that year.

An option to repair and refurbish the building had been under consideration at the local authority.

Tomorrow's council documents reveal that the repair bill "would result in unbudgeted financial cost in the region of £1.5million".

Council papers added: "This was discounted on the basis of education benefits achievable from ceasing nursery provision from the current ABC building and instead providing it through other nurseries.

"The option was also discounted on the basis of the financial implications in respect of repairs to the building."

In their report, officers at the local authority say the only option "based on educational benefits" is to undertake consultation over the permanent closure of ABC Nursery.

Going forward, early learning and childcare provision could be accommodated in an extension to Park Nursery as well as by providing a small number of outdoor places at Redwell Primary – subject to Care Inspectorate variation.

Council papers added: "Both options would provide high quality early learning and childcare in the area.

"More detail on alternative service provision will feature as part of the consultation proposal."

One parent, who wished to remain anonymous, previously told the Advertiser that they felt staff at ABC were particularly brilliant at catering for children with additional support needs and disabilities.

They fear a move to a different nursery could lead to the loss of that kind of quality service.

Travel could also be an issue for some families, should the nursery be moved to a different building or children transferred to another nursery, they explained.