A TULLIBODY man says Clackmannanshire Council's efforts to repair crumbling pavements near his home have turned the area into an "eyesore".

Walkway's along The Cleaves, where Ewan Hill lives, were filled in with tarmac earlier this month, in a bid to fix cracks and holes.

But the 59-year-old claims the end result was not worth the effort, as sections of the street have now been left covered in ugly black patches.

And some of those patches are already visibly crumbling away at the edges.

Ewan told the Advertiser: "I'm a wee bit angry about it.

"It's an eyesore, and it has totally destroyed the appearance of the street.

"It's made it worse; it's already crumbling, and it's only a week old.

"I put money on it the council will say that it is 'temporary' – but if nothing's said about it, it'll be temporary this time next year and the year after."

He added that one home about fifty yards from his just had their driveway done up, only to have the patches left right outside their property.

The Advertiser contacted Clackmannanshire Council about Ewan's criticism of the work carried out in The Cleaves.

In response, a council spokesperson said: "A recent safety survey undertaken in the area identified a significant number of minor defects which required attention to reduce risk to the public.

"The Service was not able to undertake permanent repairs this financial year, however temporary repairs were carried out to reduce short term risk.

"A number of footways in the Cambus Park area have now been added to the five-year programme for permanent repair, with the first section of footway improvements scheduled for 2021."