XBOXES, CD players, scooters and more have been removed from a Wee County pond thanks to the work of some dedicated locals.

Alloa's Graeme Robertson, along with Tullibody's Connor and Dylan Robertson, got together earlier this month to clear out the duck pond at Inglewood House.

As the Advertiser previously reported, Graeme has been keen to clean local beauty spots for several weeks, after seeing the state they've been left in while out with his kids.

Indeed, having previously fished in local ponds when he was younger, Graeme said that now, "every time I put the rod in the water, I'm bringing up horrible stuff".

So, earlier this month, he and his fellow volunteers waded into Inglewood Pond to fish out all the rubbish lying under the surface - and they were in for a shock when they started pulling up what lay below.

Graeme said: "We did two weekends deep cleaning Inglewood.

"First, we removed all surface rubbish and lots of bread bags, plastic bottles, glass bottles, scooters etc.

"We really thought we had done a very good job, but I knew there were hidden items on the bottom, and I contacted Callum Black from Edinburgh magnet fishing.

"He and his fellow magnet fishers appeared and managed to get a whole load of metal items we couldn't see or pull out while in the water the previous Saturday.

"We also cleared the burn area at the pond and retrieved multiple household items including Xboxes, CD players etc.

"When the magnet fishing boys appeared, they also pulled in a duffel bag that was weighted down and inside was a dead cat – pretty horrific stuff.

"But phase one and two of Inglewood is complete."

During the clear up, Graeme, Connor and Dylan used reinforced waders, purchased and donated thanks to contributions from generous supporters.

And with one successful clear up in the bag - along with copious amounts of rubbish - Graeme now has his sights set on the Delph Pond in the coming weeks.