A BOOK all about the River Devon has been released by a Wee County nature writer.

Dollar resident and Advertiser columnist, Keith Broomfield, has written a new book on a wildlife year on the River Devon.

Published by Tippermuir Books, If Rivers Could Sing is a personal Scottish river journey, where Keith delves deeper into his own local river to explore its abundant wildlife and to get closer to its wild beating heart.

Among the creatures featured are beavers, otters, kingfishers, and salmon.

Those familiar with Keith’s On the Wildside column in the Advertiser every Wednesday, will know the expertise the writer possesses when it comes to Clackmannanshire wildlife.

Keith said: “The Devon is an amazing river that is brimming with a huge variety of fascinating wildlife, including tiny insects, dazzling wildflowers, and larger creatures such as herons and otters.

“The wildlife on the Devon is so very precious and it is vital that we look after the river as it still faces many threats, including from pollution and the turmoil caused by non-native invasive species such as American mink and Himalayan balsam.”

Although the book focuses on the wildlife the river contains, it also takes a look back at the history of it.

Keith continued: “If Rivers Could Sing also focuses on the Devon’s historical past, where its tributary burns helped to power the mills along the Hillfoots villages.

"This, along with coal mining and other industrialisation put huge pollution pressure on the river and its wildlife in the 19th and 20th centuries.

“We are incredibly lucky in Clackmannanshire to have such a beautiful river flowing through its heart, and the focus of my book is to encapsulate its wonderful wildness, which makes it such a special place.”

If Rivers Could Sing can be bought directly from the publisher at www.tippermuirbooks.co.uk and from bookshops, including the Sorting Office in Dollar, and online sellers at £9.99.