JAMIE POLLOCK is embarking on a new chapter of his career as he prepares to unveil his first single under new management.

The Alloa singer-songwriter was snapped up in the summer by Modern Sky and Run On Records – who work with the likes of Declan Welsh and Decadent West, The Lathums and Jamie Webster.

Pollock officially launched his solo work earlier this year with These Times, followed by When the Sun (Like a Rainbow). A handful of eye-catching gigs were also on the cards, before the entertainment industry fell to Covid-19 restrictions.

However, the move has come at the perfect time for the former Vida singer, who feels he is in the prime of his songwriting life at the moment.

He tells The Weekender: "My songwriting has probably never been more prolific right now – I'm in a really good place with it, possibly my best.

"The plans so far for the next 12 months are to keep releasing singles, and then we will look at collating all of those songs together as an EP and potentially release it on vinyl. So, it's an exciting time."

Pollock's first single proved to be a key attraction for the industry bosses and eventually led to offers.

The singer continues: "The CEOs of both Modern Sky and Run On Records got in touch with me earlier in the year, not long after I released my first independent single These Times, stating that they had some interest in me.

"We got the conversation flowing again in May-June time, and by then I had some more demos to send over. They liked what they heard, so a few Zoom calls later – and some more demos – they offered me a record deal."

He adds: "I was already a fan of the label before they contacted me. Their roster includes some artists that I've played alongside with in the past and that I am also a fan of: The Blinders, Jamie Webster, Slow Readers Club… When they came knocking it was a no-brainer for me.

"As they do with all of their artists, the short-to-medium-term plans are to build my profile as a newly-signed singer-songwriter; they have their fingers in all the right pies, so watch this space."

Pollock's next single – Won't Slow Me Down – will be released under Modern Sky and Run On Records on November 13.

He says: "It's all about not letting what's happened before you get in the way of what lies ahead. A writer for the label explained it perfectly as 'one for both summer festival fields and quiet autumn nights of solo contemplation' – take from that what you will.

"As gigging is completely out of the equation at the moment, and what looks to be for the foreseeable, we have been discussing alternative routes to mark the releases.

"Looking at things like visual promotion, filming, professionally recorded acoustic sessions – things like that. Hopefully, one day soon we can get back to the days of celebrating a release by playing a live show in front of a proper crowd again."