A WEE COUNTY man who threatened police with a machete earlier this year has been remanded in hospital.

Chris McAra was made subject to an assessment order at Falkirk Sheriff Court on Tuesday, October 6, due to concerns he may be suffering from a mental disorder.

The 31-year-old will remain in hospital so experts can determine whether he requires treatment.

McAra previously admitted committing three offences in Tillicoultry on May 29.

They include being in possession of a weapon, namely a machete, in Chapelle Crescent without a reasonable excuse or lawful authority.

He also behaved in a threatening or abusive manner on the same date by shouting, swearing, repeatedly uttering threats of violence, repeatedly brandishing a machete, and striking two police vehicles with the weapon.

The second charge goes on to say glass from one of the vehicle's windscreens landed on police officers sitting inside after it was struck, and that McAra repeatedly threatened officers and their families with violence.

And the third charge states he went on to utter a racist remark to a police constable during the incident.

Solicitor Jim Savage has previously raised concerns in relation to his client's wellbeing at the time the offences were committed.

McAra will be moved to hospital from HMP Low Moss, where he has been kept under "special security measures" – including being isolated from others – for some time.

He will appear in court again for sentencing on October 30.