A DEDICATED team who have created thousands of craft boxes and self-care packages in the Wee County during lockdown have moved into their own premises in Alloa.

The Resilience Learning Partnership's (RLP) Crafty Kids team are settled into their new home on Alloa's Bank Street following a move of operations last week.

As previously reported, the initiative started out during the height of lockdown to provide young people with quality craft materials and more.

The idea grew from there, later providing care packages to adults in isolation as well, going well beyond the borders of the Wee County.

Staff making up the packages – including Jamie Lee McMillan, Matt Lygate, Jamie Christie, Roxsanne McGowan and Melanie Mitchell – have their very own space to work in since the move two weeks ago and were recognised by CTSi's Big Hero Awards.

Shumela Ahmed, managing director at RLP said: "The team are really happy in there, it has grown so big it needed its own premises."

Funding is in place until January; however, Shumela is working to keep the initiative going well beyond that point.

She said: "I've created something here, not just for the people who are getting the boxes, but the four people who are working in the team.

"They want this job, two of them had not been employed, this is their first job; two of them haven't been employed for five years so it's just giving them so much.

"So I'm trying to find a way to keep it around and what I'm thinking we can do is a buy a box, donate a box scheme."

The idea would see people able to purchase a craft box and could donate extra in the knowledge that someone in need will receive one for free in Clackmannanshire.

To date, RLP's Crafty Kids Team have made up more than 2,600 boxes.

The managing director added: "I'm extremely proud of what the team have achieved and blown away by what the boxes have done for people.

"In the beginning it was because we wanted to make sure that children and families weren't without during lockdown, but the unintended positive consequences that have come from this have just been unbelievable.

"The guys in the team, I love them to death and what they got out of this is phenomenal.

"Another aspect is the volunteers who delivered the boxes for us, they were all people who were on furlough."

With the initiative here to stay for some time, people can keep an eye on the Resilience Learning Partnership Facebook page to follow the progress.