A REMARKABLE support worker in Alloa has been posthumously named Carer of the Year at an independent awards ceremony.

Described as a "selfless" man, Michael McCormack was announced the winner at the online Scottish Care Awards 2020.

Sadly, Michael himself fought many health issues in 2019 and passed away on April 28, 2020.

However, his line manager Susan McCormack at Mears Care in Alloa – who made the nomination with the full support of Michael's family – is hoping the award will be a lasting tribute to a remarkable man.

She said: "Michael was selfless, he would always go above and beyond and I believe that he is very deserving of recognition.

"Michael stood out for his positive behaviours and performance in his role, he consistently had his service users at the forefront of his thinking and at the centre of all that he done.

"Even at times before his own health as there were occasions when Michael had to be firmly advised that he wasn't fit for work and needs to rest after undergoing treatment for his own ongoing health issues.

"Michael showed exceptional initiative and perseverance, he made a significant and positive impact to his service users and is definitely deserving of this award."

The awards ceremony went ahead online earlier this month, organised by the sector's representative body Scottish Care.

Michael started out at Mears Care in 2012 with no prior experience.

However, he developed in the role very quickly, building positive relationships with not just service uses but their families, his own colleagues and other professional bodies.

At the same awards, care co-ordinator for Clackmannanshire Sharon Ross was also a finalist for Care Co-ordinator of the Year.

Manager Susan said: "Sharon is passionate about her service users receiving personalised care and support and her commitment and loyalty to her service users and staff team goes beyond expectation as there is always a willingness to do more and to keep improving no matter what negatives are thrown at her.

"With in excess of 100 service users and Sharon knows every one of them and their needs and has built very solid relations with not only her service users but also their family members.

"Her staff team all hold her in high regard. Recent feedback is that she is always there for them and can call upon her anytime.

"This in addition to the many special thank you she receives from the families of those her team cares for."

She added: "I believe that Sharon doesn't realise that she is gifted and a powerful motivator.

"To become a finalist in the Scottish Care Awards just affirms how deserving she is of this recognition."