A WEE COUNTY man and his family spent Remembrance Sunday delivering meals to veterans after their usual event to mark the occasion was scuppered by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Stevie Preston, who is the licence holder of Alloa's Station Hotel, has become well known for the generous support he provides.

As the Advertiser has previously reported, that includes hosting veterans at the hotel on Remembrance Sunday, where he provides entertainment and a hot meal.

Unfortunately, given the current restrictions in place due to the pandemic, that was simply impossible this year.

However, that did not stop Stevie and his family from helping out.

He said: "They usually all come up to the station in Alloa, and have a wee drink and we put on entertainment – which is always great to see.

"But this year we weren't allowed to do that because of coronavirus. So, we went to them.

"We put a package together, giving them a meal, which was casserole with stew and potatoes, sticky toffee pudding and a wee hawf."

He added: "It was myself, my wife and my daughter, mainly.

"The three of us, as a family business, decided to do something as a family."

By the end of the day on Sunday, meals had been delivered to more than 20 households.

Stevie said everyone who received a package was "so grateful" for the gesture, but he added: "It was nothing compared to what they have done for us."

Last year, Stevie was honoured by the Clackmannanshire British Legion for the help he provides to current military personnel and veterans.

One of the Wee County legion members is in charge of firing the Edinburgh Castle cannon, which goes off at 1pm every day.

But instead of allowing one of the casings to go back and be refilled, he arranged for it to be collected and engraved with a message to Stevie.

Speaking to the Advertiser after the gift was handed over, the member said: "It was just a thank you for all the hard work that he puts in, plus the generosity that he shows us."